Isoclima has registered with CSEA - Italy's energy and environmental services fund - as a "high electricity user". As an energy-intensive consumer, we are thus required to have an Energy Audit conducted and submit findings to ENEA (Italy's national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development). In line with our energy-saving and -monitoring  approach, we already had an energy audit done - according to Italian legislation (D.lgs. 102/14) - back in 2015, with the number of facilities analysed doubling in 2019. We have looked into the issue further, going beyond just the regulatory requirements, by supplementing energy auditing with an Energy Management training plan for an in-house team to enable them to initiate and preside over a number of activities designed to help keep energy consumption and related costs down.

The energy audit thus helped us to identify important energy-saving opportunities, including the management of cleanroom air-conditioning systems, and LED lighting in production departments. The installation of a continuous automatic energy-monitoring system is also in the pipeline to assess Isoclima's energy performance: an essential piece of the puzzle for identifying any critical points and inefficiencies, and for setting ourselves continuous improvement objectives in terms of our environmental performance.