At Isoclima, respect for nature and low environmental impact are cornerstones that shape our decisions and behaviour.

Since 2009, therefore, we have been implementing a UNI EN ISO 14001 certified environmental management system and, in 2018, we completed our transition to the 2015 version of the standard.

The Isoclima management system, in line with the principle of continuous improvement and from a life cycle perspective, allows us to reduce our environmental impact and improve our performance.

In recent years, we have initiated various measures aimed at reducing waste, adopting such formulas as purchasing with "returnable containers" and reusing materials.

In 2019, we achieved noteworthy results, such as recovery of 97% of total special waste and the reuse of as much as 90% of our process water by installing water treatment systems at our main sites. Using reusable packaging has been our preferred option for some years now, both for shipping our products to customers, and for purchasing materials from suppliers. We have gone on to define the use of reusable multi-material or wood packaging. This initiative, which took off in March 2020, allows us to eliminate about 12 tonnes of waste a year from the special wood waste cycle.