Your Innovative transparent solutions

World leader on the high-performance glazing solutions scene, the Isoclima brand stands for excellence in the development of stylish, design-packed products engineered to provide security on land, sea, and in the air.

R&D, know-how and unbeatable production quality come together in the development of innovative solutions, built and tailored to the customer's demands, for results that reflect the highest industry standards.

A highly experienced team, and a widespread international presence, make Isoclima the go-to experts in the industry, constantly seeking new solutions to revolutionize the "transparent protection" market.

Transparent solutions

The state of the art in high-efficiency products for each high-performance industry: from automotive to marine, from military vehicles to rail, from aerospace to architecture.

Certified, innovative glazing solutions catering to any requirements in terms of strength, functionality and aesthetics.

Stories of Innovation

The centre of our world

The heart of Isoclima, the place where game-changing solutions are designed, produced and tested, destined to become standards of excellence in their own right.
The pursuit of perfection and attention to every detail
Solutions provider for foremost companies across the globe
A story of innovation spanning 40-plus years
A group and an international team backed by extensive experience
Certified, qualified tailor-made solutions