On Sunday 2 October 2022, at the headquarters of the Este Associations, Palazzo Sartori Borotto, the award ceremony for the “Transparency: shots between nature and city” photo competition was held, in which Isoclima employees and their families participated.

Isoclima, a leading company in the sector in the production of transparent solutions in glass and polycarbonate, has thus launched a path, in collaboration with the cultural association ALIdARTE APS, in support of art and the enhancement of the local community, which will continue until December with the AZIENDEinARTE project, a series of meetings / workshops dedicated to children to develop creativity by living the spaces of the Company itself.

Since 2020, the cultural association ALIdARTE has been collaborating with local companies bringing art and culture to the factory, an innovative format for the city of Este.

The goal is to consider art and culture as growth engines that enrich the value of the company, of the people who work there by telling "who we are", both as individuals and as people who are part of the small nuclear family; this nucleus is the vital cell of our society where sharing and collaboration are fundamental, in favor of the new generations.

ISOCLIMA and the cultural association ALIdARTE are two realities with different skills and experiences but which together have decided to join forces for the benefit of the culture and enhancement of their territory to undertake a shared path, through projects aimed at children, families and young people by developing environmental and sustainability issues.

The first award of the photo contest "Transparencies: shots between city and nature" as best photo goes to Stefano Patrini with his photo "spherical visions".