Fire, heat and smoke: why it is important to choose the right fire-resistant glas


Dangerous situations can be very different: from forced, violent attacks to explosions, driving accidents, and fires. We offer technological solutions for each situation that consistently guarantee protection, while mitigating irreparable consequences as much as possible.

One of these, is a special fire-resistant glass called FirePlus, a technology developed and certified according to the IMO-FTP Code (International Maritime Organization – Fire Test Procedures), an organization that has developed specific fire safety regulations for international commercial ships. These regulations were approved during the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), during which the guidelines were defined. In 1998, the IMO introduced the Fire Test Procedures (FTP Code) which contains all the feature and fire resistance materials that all the elements present on board ships are required to have.


Fire resistance and design: in one word, FirePlus

FirePlus is our flagship product when it comes to fire resistant glass. The main feature is the presence of fixing points for the glass part that go through structural adhesives designed to an A60 fire class rating. This peculiarity allows for the external surface of the glass to continuously be "flush" with the structures adjacent to the ship, in keeping with the design and style of the vessel.

What does this mean? That our glass is not only functional, but it is also a product that does not ignore design; on the contrary, it enhances it.

One of the advantages of FirePlus is the possibility of eliminating glass frames that would be unsightly.


Technological Parameters

How did we arrive at such a result? For FirePlus fire-resistant glass, it is all about chemistry and, specifically, the intumescent transparent silicate compounds designed to be used in the structural design of the glass. This combination allows for a much higher environmental sustainability compared to technological solutions based on organic chemical compounds that are dangerous to health and decidedly polluting for the environment.

This is one of the main reasons why those who want to protect the planet by concrete actions choose FirePlus. Another of the advantages of our fire-resistant glass is that it is perfectly adaptable to curved surfaces, which makes it not only efficient in case of fires but also incredibly suitable in both marine and architectural environments.

Can you think of any other solutions that are as versatile and effective?