Multi-layer laminated glass, coloured to match the overall design


Whatever you may imagine about glass, there is always an aspect, a detail that exceeds your imagination.

This is a case in point. We would like to introduce you to a particular range that comes under the definition of multi-layer coloured laminated glass.

What are we talking about, in a nutshell? About glass intended for the shipping industry, whose colour matches that of the hull on which it is installed.

An effect that not only delivers a truly exceptional overall design, but that also ensures the highest level of technology.

The time has come to introduce you to VisionPlus®.


One way: glass that is sure to impress right from the start


Allow us to play on the term VisionPlus® technology and on the broader meaning of the expression “one way”.

In the field of multi-layer coloured laminated glass, VisionPlus® stands out for its “one-way” technology, or rather for its vision.

Stippling the glass surface grants the panel a uniform and highly striking appearance. VisionPlus® instantly catches the eye for its special characteristics: from the outside, the surface appears uniform, coloured and compact, while, from the inside, transparency and brightness are guaranteed by a different processing technique.


Two technologies, one result


Do you know that this type of multi-layer laminated glass “blends” with another technology of ours? VisionPlus® stems from our collaboration with ContraVision® technology, which has enabled us to achieve a unidirectional effect that adapts to the brightness of the environments in which it is placed.

We have also included, among other things, some latest generation ceramic prints, expertly superimposed on one another to create the above-mentioned effect.

VisionPlus® is the ideal glass for the most demanding designers. Its ability to blend in with the yacht creates an overall result that is sure to impress those who love to be amazed.