Car anti-fog systems: safety and visibility even in the most delicate situations


Have you ever had to defog your windscreen with your hand due to poor visibility caused by condensation in certain weather conditions? Have you ever seen a touring car racing driver do it with a window squeegee while travelling at high speeds along the racing circuit?

In both cases, this is what happens when an anti-fog system is not adopted to prevent the problem from arising. As a Supercars Championship driver can confirm: the cockpit camera portrays him cleaning the windscreen with a window squeegee to remove condensation and be able to continue racing in one of the most famous circuits of the Australian championship.

What should be done in such cases? Choose an Isoclima product, just like the company Gen3 did, which now offers our glass to racing car manufacturers.


Isoclima for Gen3


For Gen3, we have produced a heated polycarbonate windscreen, our very own solution for those seeking an anti-fog system for racing cars. In such vehicles, the air conditioning systems that would normally manage windscreen condensation are removed to minimise weight.

Being heated, our windscreen offers a huge advantage in critical weather conditions: it does not steam up. The Supercars Championship driver was probably wishing he had such a windscreen as he got down to cleaning his own with a window squeegee at over 200 km/h. If his team had requested one of our windscreens before the race, this would have ensured optimal visibility even in the most critical conditions, and the driver could have given his complete attention to driving.

The company Gen3 has shown great satisfaction with our prototypes, which have passed fogging tests even in extreme rain and damp weather conditions.


Transparency and durability, two must-haves for the automotive industry


When it comes to cars, whether they be racing cars or everyday vehicles, the windows should all share a common feature: they must be transparent and durable. This is also true when designing an anti-fog system for cars, where visibility should not take precedence over toughness. Our polycarbonate windscreens can withstand a 250 times higher impact than glass windscreens.

Gen3 has offered our windows to the Supercars Championship, garnering great success among drivers: our glass showed no sign of fogging or steaming, ensuring crystal clear visibility at all times.

A winning product, and no doubt about it.