Sustainable glass production for the railway sector: environmentally friendly glazed surfaces


When problems such as global warming, the waste and limited availability of resources, and the urgent need for companies to adopt environmental policies were a minor topic rather than front page news, we at Isoclima had already embarked on the road to sustainable glass production.

We can safely say that we are at the forefront of this and indeed many other areas. From the outset, our products have been following in the footsteps of a company that is constantly evolving, from a technical, executive and processing point of view, with a view to improving environmental sustainability.


Our Earth protection policy


We have been focusing on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues since our establishment. We continue to pursue our sustainable glass production policies at a sustained, structured pace. Indeed, environmental and social initiatives have always been an integral part of the Isoclima Group, both in Italy and abroad. We constantly source and provide new resources to our R&D department to find alternative design solutions that will help reduce the environmental impact of our products.

An example? The development of solar radiation control systems that effectively filter ultraviolet and infrared rays, while promoting energy savings and a reduction of emissions into the air.


The benefits of choosing our products


It’s a question of maths: lighter glass lightens the structure on which it is mounted, leading to the need to use less fuel and to a reduction in the use of air conditioning systems. Reducing the heat of a room through glass not only means greater comfort for the customer, but is also an act of duty towards our environment.

We continue to invest in technologies and in machinery to reduce the thickness and weight of glazed surfaces, subjecting them to extensive testing focused on reducing energy consumption.

Sustainable glass production is a responsibility that we, as industry leaders, feel we must pursue in order to strengthen the adoption of a virtuous, environmentally friendly business conduct.